2021 Ordinary General Meeting



The General Meeting of the IONA approves the following resolutions:

  1. In the face of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus) and in view of the need to protect human health, the activities in the various centres of New Acropolis around the world, normally carried out in person, have been adapted to an online model by using various IT platforms.

    Accordingly, the General Meeting of the I.O.N.A recommends that all its member associations implement the appropriate preventive measures to avoid infections and the propagation of the virus, having regard at all times to the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

  2. The General Meeting recalls that the International Organization New Acropolis (I.O.N.A) is present through thousands of volunteers and associates in over 50 UN member states. It therefore joins the call of the UN to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in its Agenda 2030 and to promote the need for a greater awareness of unity and solidarity to ensure that they are met.

    In this sense, it highlights the fact that, as noted at the General Meeting of 2020 and reiterated at the General Meeting of 2021, the programmes of the I.O.N.A are related to the following SDGs: No. 4, on Quality Education; No. 13, on Climate Action; No. 16, on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions; and No. 17, on Partnerships to Achieve Objectives. Thanks to the wide variety of activities carried out by its national member associations, the I.O.N.A also contributes to other SDGs, in addition to the ones already mentioned. By way of example we can highlight: soup kitchens for people in need (SDG 2); actions to provide accessible and non-polluting energy in several rural locations across Europe and America (SDG 7); and educational programmes for health and sports that help to improve lifestyle (SDG 3).

    Accordingly, the General Meeting recommends to its members that they draw up plans to raise awareness about the SDGs and define specific targets for continuing to contribute to the SDG indicators over the coming years.

  3. C. The General Meeting reaffirms its commitment to continue with the activities carried out in relation to World Philosophy Day, which was instituted by UNESCO in 2002 and has become one of our signature events. The International Organization New Acropolis (I.O.N.A) has been organizing events in connection with this activity for more than 12 years without interruption at its different centres around the world. The General Meeting therefore recommends continuing with the same programme of lectures, meetings, symposia and conferences in the coming year in connection with this important event.
  4. En relación con la conmemoración del Día Mundial de la Tierra que se celebra en todo el mundo el 22 de abril la AD. In relation to the celebration of Earth Day, in support of which events are held around the world on 22 April, the General Meeting of the I.O.N.A recommends that the different national associations affiliated to the International Organization New Acropolis consider the possibility of carrying out activities related to Nature and its conservation and encourages them, in the years to come, to keep up this important work of raising awareness about the protection of the environment, sustainability and actions that contribute to the health of human beings and the planet.samblea General de la OINA recomienda a las diferentes asociaciones nacionales vinculadas a la Organización Internacional Nueva Acrópolis, que tengan en cuenta la posibilidad de desarrollar actividades relacionadas con la Naturaleza y su preservación y anima a que en años sucesivos se mantenga esta importante labor de concienciación sobre la defensa del medio ambiente, la sostenibilidad y las acciones saludables para los seres humanos y para nuestro planeta.
  5. The General Meeting congratulates its volunteers and associates for the success of the many activities that have been held over the last year in the fields of Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering, since in spite of the impact of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, it has managed to continue with its activities via online systems in over 50 countries where New Acropolis centres affiliated with the I.O.N.A are established, through the action of almost five hundred centres around the world. In this way it has been able to overcome the limitations that had to be imposed to prevent the spread of the virus.
  6. The General Meeting recalls and reiterates that the I.O.N.A is committed through its Founding Principles to encourage respect for human dignity in its different activities, in a collective effort to achieve fraternity among all human beings and nations.