Logo Mother Earth Day
Logo Mother Earth Day


Since 2021, the New Acropolis International Organization (IONA) has joined the United Nations initiative for World Mother Earth Day. In all its chapters around the world, activities were organized to sensitize, raise awareness, repair or improve the conditions of balance and health between human beings and the Earth.

Our organization has been carrying out educational work and raising environmental awareness for decades, and for this reason we joined “The United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration “, which was launched on June 5, 2021.

In 2022, within the framework of SDG 17, «Building alliances to achieve the sustainable development goals», we have made 147 alliances in 27 countries. New Acropolis has received several awards for its work in favor of the environment, such as that of Hackney County, in the city of London. In almost all cases, they had the support of municipal governments and they collaborated with entities or private companies committed to World Earth Day. It also had the support of prominent personalities in defense of the environment.

Our solidarity volunteer work contributes to the effort to advance the goals of SDGs 13 and 15. As the UN document “Making peace with nature…” says, “transforming humanity’s relationship with nature is the key to achieve a sustainable future. For this reason, we continue to raise awareness and educate citizens to generate awareness and respect for Mother Earth, and to have a more sustainable lifestyle that protects the ecosystem in which we live.

Synthesis of Activities for 2022

Aware that the human being is the key to all problems and solutions, and that constant and persevering educational work is required, a large number of talks and conferences were offered as a way of practical environmental awareness.

This vision was presented as a means to address the environmental crisis, not simply through technical understanding, but by falling back in love with Nature, as was the case in all ancient civilizations.

Our contribution, in line with the wisdom of classical teachings, is that philosophy in action is a viable means of transforming the individual and the community. Through drawing lessons from the wise traditions and exploring the 7 principles of life to act in accordance with the Laws of Nature, we aim to develop a sense of belonging to planet Earth, through a better human being and a better world.

Mother Earth Day in Uruguay
Mother Earth Day in Uruguay
Activity Amount Volunteers
Talks and Conferences
8 000 people participated in person or virtually.
1 418 volunteers, carrying out 11 082 new plantings.
Cleaning and practical education of natural spaces
1 800 volunteers who removed some 19 100 kilos of garbage.
Greece Attica - Reforestation in the mountains
Greece Attica - Reforestation in the mountains

In addition to the activities in the previous table, activities were carried out promoting our relationship with nature, and daily practical actions to take responsibility for problems such as environmental pollution; for example, numerous recycling and hiking activities.

From an academic perspective, high-level forums and congresses were held that brought together the scientific and non-governmental community, such as the “Mother Earth Day Congress” held by New Acropolis Chile and the “Philosophy Forum in commemoration of International Day of Mother Earth” organized by New Acropolis Spain. Both have recordings of the presentations on their respective YouTube channels.

Dance to the Earth - From East to West

Finally, we mention the inspiration that symbolic and artistic activities leave us, giving a new meaning to humanity’s relationship with nature. With a selection of the representations we have prepared this video: