2013 Ordinary General Meeting

Asamblea Internacional 2013

A) Bearing in mind The social destructuring which is taking place in many places around the world and the factional fighting that is causing an alarming deterioration in human relations.

The General Assembly declares that It is becoming increasingly necessary and urgent to recover the ethical values that constitute the pillars of harmonious coexistence between human beings, in order to promote an awareness of the “great human family”. In order for this reflection to be more than a theoretical construct without any practical application, IONA should promote a recovery of lasting values and human virtues in all its activities.

B) Bearing in mind that No one can fail to be aware that we are living in a world in crisis, a world of great changes, both ecologically and socially.

The General Assembly Reminds all the member and federated countries of IONA that an “ecological sea change” is necessary that will denounce the irrational exploitation of the natural resources of the planet and alert people to the uncontrolled industrialization that has resulted in the global warming of the Earth, with the disastrous consequences that this is producing in the melting of the polar icecaps and the rise in sea and ocean levels.

On the social level, we must bear in mind that the 21st century will be the century of global migrations in search of new horizons of subsistence, resulting in the uprooting of societies and families. Accordingly, New Acropolis should work effectively in all the countries where it carries on activities to mitigate the “dehumanisation of society”. The International Programs aimed at the protection of the environment should therefore be intensified, promoting collaboration with other institutions.

C) Bearing in mind that There is a pressing need to draw up proposals to create alternative solutions, which coincide with those recommended by the different International Organisations in order to generate synergies, IONA therefore once again highlights the urgent need to implement programmes of action and activities to promote fraternity and tolerance, knowledge and an all-round development of human beings.

The General Assembly agrees With the fact that these ideas are closely related to the three Areas of Action which IONA proposes, both on an individual and a social level: Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering.

D) Bearing in mind The success achieved over the last few years in the celebration of World Philosophy Day.

The General Assembly declares its resolve To continue to hold the activities relating to World Philosophy Day promoted by UNESCO on the Tenth Anniversary of this event. Remembering that this Day is held every year on the third Thursday of November, highlighting the importance that philosophy has in our daily lives and the need to reflect constructively on the world and the problems affecting humanity, as has been declared previously. To recall that in IONA there are more than 50 member countries, which contain philosophical and living expressions of different cultures, customs and languages, giving an added value to World Philosophy Day, since in each of the thousands of local, regional and national associations that make up IONA, significant activities are carried out in the framework of meetings, lectures, philosophical debates, artistic and cultural events.

E) Bearing in mind The large number of activities carried out in the framework of the promotion of reading and the creation of Reading Clubs in different member countries of the IONA.

The General Assembly declares its resolve To continue with these activities, promoting an interest in reading, especially among the young.

F) Bearing in mind that The most technologically advanced countries in the field of astronomy have already detected and warned of the imminence, this year, of one of the most explosive solar electromagnetic radiation storms in recent centuries on scientific record, as well as the approach of what has come to be called by NASA a Near Earth Object as a group of asteroids which, by passing close to the Earth, may give rise to natural disasters.

The General Assembly declares its resolve To take all the necessary precautions and reflect as philosophers and citizens about the relations between our Planet and the Solar System as a whole.