What is New Acropolis

New Acropolis is an International Organization that promotes an ideal of timeless values in order to contribute to individual and collective development, working in the fields of Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering. It was founded in 1957 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by historian and philosopher Jorge Ángel Livraga Rizzi (1930-1991).

Our principles

New Acropolis is an international philosophical organization based on three principles:

1- Fraternity

To promote an Ideal of international fraternity, based on respect for human dignity, beyond racial, sexual, cultural, religious, social or other differences.

New Acropolis at a social activity in Salgueiro Community (Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro)New Acropolis at a social activity in Salgueiro Community (Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro)It is necessary to promote respect for different identities and traditions, and at the same time to strengthen unity beyond differences, to harmonize people, ideas and feelings in an enriching and open coexistence. The strength of this ideal of fraternity lies more in what unites us than in what separates us. It is firmly based on a recognition of universal values, which, while respecting diversity, transcend local practices and customs and come together in a set of common ethical principles that are inherent in the dignity of every human being. This ideal promotes respect for and promotion of human rights, as well as the recognition of certain principles of universal ethics.


2- Knowledge

To encourage the love of wisdom through the comparative study of philosophies, religions, sciences and arts, in order to promote the knowledge of the human being, the laws of Nature and the Universe.

Lecture 'The alchemy of the couple' (Toulouse, France)Lecture 'The alchemy of the couple' (Toulouse, France)

The love of truth and knowledge sets out from the legitimate aspiration to develop one’s own discernment and understanding of the world and oneself. We understand philosophy as an axis that connects the different facets and angles of human knowledge. Philosophy can bring together the sources of the past and the present in that global, broad and integrating vision, so that it becomes a real force for progress, which seeks not only to explore the paths of life, but to go deeply into its ultimate ends, and tries to combine all aspects of knowledge and experience.




3- Development

New Acropolis organize an Ecological Activity in Playa Herradura (Costa Rica)New Acropolis organize an Ecological Activity in Playa Herradura (Costa Rica)To develop the best of the human potential, by promoting the realization of the human being as an individual and his or her integration as an active and conscious part of society and nature, in order to improve the world.

Our work results in better individuals who bring sustainability to social development. The human being still has an enormous latent potential. To know it and develop it is one of the fundamental pillars of life itself and provides a source of lasting satisfaction. The achievement of harmony between thought, feeling and action is a goal for every human being. A balanced and all-round development of oneself, and the actualization of the best qualities and values of our human nature, are probably the only guarantee of moving towards a better world.


Areas of action



Lecture: The philosophical heritage of Humanity in Bratislava (Slovakia)Lecture: The philosophical heritage of Humanity in Bratislava (Slovakia)Philosophy has always been a search for spiritual truth, a process of going more deeply into the knowledge of nature, the human being and the universe. Every act of searching is at the same time an exercise of freedom of consciousness in opposition to ignorance, confusion and the prejudices that prevent calm and deep reflection.

For us, Philosophy is an innate attitude in human beings. Our task is to enable that innate attitude to be expressed in actions that will allow us to develop our full potential and improve our world. We propose a practical philosophy that will be useful for each individual and for society.

We do this not only through reading, studying and theoretical knowledge, but also by setting ourselves the goal of learning to live well, with strength and efficiency, at every moment in our lives; taking advantage of the opportunities that arise and learning something positive even from adversity.

This is what we mean by «Philosophy as a way of life».

We are working to improve the world and the human being by means of Philosophy in the classical tradition: a philosophical quest that offers answers to contemporary problems.



Nueva Acrópolis participando en la Feria del libro de SalónicaNew Acropolis participating in the Thessaloniki Book Fair

The practice of human values is the basis for a model of active and participative culture, which brings out the qualities of each person, broadens the horizons of the mind and opens the human being up to all the expressions of the spirit.

New Acropolis seeks to bring a new vision of culture: a culture with practical and living values, which enables its audiences to transform and improve themselves. We promote a universal renaissance of cultural values, a culture with philosophical messages that can be understood and accessed by all.

Culture, as a means of humanizing our societies, returns to the timeless roots of each historical age to broaden our understanding of life and bring us closer, in a fraternal and eclectic spirit, to the diversity and richness of each culture or civilization.

In addition, the culture we promote is an experience provided by volunteers, a culture which is close to each individual's heart and, above all, rewarding, because it nourishes the soul and releases the tensions of everyday life. It is a culture that brings enjoyment, through the experience of creation and imagination, to the audience and all those who benefit from that generous effort.

Inspired by its founding principles, our institution has promoted initiatives that have resulted in international programs designed to coordinate its activities and give them a philosophical direction.



New Acropolis offered a public workshop in first aid and CPR in MontevideoNew Acropolis offered a public workshop in first aid and CPR in MontevideoFor New Acropolis, Volunteering is the practical way of embodying and applying Philosophy and Culture. It is the natural expression of generosity and service to society which is assumed by each idealist, as a responsibility of active and conscious participation to contribute to the common good. All the activities carried out by New Acropolis in the world, in its different fields of action, are achieved thanks to the work of thousands of volunteers.

By means of Volunteering we express our commitment to society, through humanitarian, ecological actions and social and educational projects in support of those most in need.

The volunteering programs of the IONA offer society the opportunity to develop values of solidarity, tolerance and respect for others, which make us better as individuals and help to make the world a better place.


Yearbook 2022

New Acropolis Yearbook 2022

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