Why Volunteering?

New Acropolis offered a public workshop in first aid and CPR in MontevideoNew Acropolis offered a public workshop in first aid and CPR in MontevideoFor New Acropolis, Volunteering is the practical way of embodying and applying Philosophy and Culture. It is the natural expression of generosity and service to society which is assumed by each idealist, as a responsibility of active and conscious participation to contribute to the common good. All the activities carried out by New Acropolis in the world, in its different fields of action, are achieved thanks to the work of thousands of volunteers.

By means of Volunteering we express our commitment to society, through humanitarian, ecological actions and social and educational projects in support of those most in need.

The volunteering programs of the IONA offer society the opportunity to develop values of solidarity, tolerance and respect for others, which make us better as individuals and help to make the world a better place.


New Acropolis offers society a space where values such as solidarity, tolerance and responsibility are cultivated, resulting in good citizenship and human values. The culture of volunteering forms part of the philosophical education promoted by New Acropolis. Through volunteering, members and sympathizers of NA express their social commitment through humanitarian actions, social and educational projects (for those most in need, the elderly, etc.), ecological and heritage restoration activities, organized by the association itself or in cooperation with other organizations and many international NGOs.

“The IONA reiterates its commitment to the society of our time through its implementation of specific actions of solidarity in different parts of the world where natural catastrophes, poverty, discrimination or injustice fall upon the most disadvantaged sections of society. " (Declaration of the General Assembly. 2006)

Yearbook 2022

New Acropolis Yearbook 2022

New Acropolis Filosofia Cultura Voluntariado

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