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Lecture: The philosophical heritage of Humanity in Bratislava (Slovakia)Lecture: The philosophical heritage of Humanity in Bratislava (Slovakia)Philosophy has always been a search for spiritual truth, a process of going more deeply into the knowledge of nature, the human being and the universe. Every act of searching is at the same time an exercise of freedom of consciousness in opposition to ignorance, confusion and the prejudices that prevent calm and deep reflection.

For us, Philosophy is an innate attitude in human beings. Our task is to enable that innate attitude to be expressed in actions that will allow us to develop our full potential and improve our world. We propose a practical philosophy that will be useful for each individual and for society.

We do this not only through reading, studying and theoretical knowledge, but also by setting ourselves the goal of learning to live well, with strength and efficiency, at every moment in our lives; taking advantage of the opportunities that arise and learning something positive even from adversity.

This is what we mean by «Philosophy as a way of life».

We are working to improve the world and the human being by means of Philosophy in the classical tradition: a philosophical quest that offers answers to contemporary problems.

Yearbook 2022

New Acropolis Yearbook 2022

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