Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VOLT Music Festival in Sopron, Hungary. NA gives philosophical talks to young participants.VOLT Music Festival in Sopron, Hungary. NA gives philosophical talks to young participants.

What do I need to become a member?

If you would like to take part in our cultural and volunteering events, all you have to do is to ask at your nearest center, or send your email address to the website of the country where you live.

Anyone interested in joining the organization and sharing the values which it promotes can enroll on the Introductory Course of Comparative Philosophy of East and West which I.O.N.A.'s School of Philosophy in the Classical Tradition regularly offers at all its centers. On this course you will be given the necessary knowledge about the principles and actions of I.O.N.A. in its different facets, and their philosophical basis. Membership status entitles you to receive continuing education and training, following a program of studies which is adapted to people's needs and requires no previous qualifications. Our courses are not designed for merely theoretical or academic purposes, but to provide explanations that are useful for daily life. Members of I.O.N.A. are well-integrated into their social and family environments, as their activity as members does not separate or isolate them.

What are the fees?

Each center of New Acropolis decides on the amount of its fees, depending on the location of its premises and the possibilities of its participants.

How are the activities of I.O.N.A. funded?

New Acropolis has a decentralized financial system, with regular external audits. Its revenue and financial sustainability are based on four pillars:

  1. Training courses and sales of cultural products made at our centers;
  2. All members pay a monthly subscription, which entitles them to take part in all the association's activities and have access to I.O.N.A.'s international network of cultural centers;
  3. The support of volunteers, together with a very small number of efficient administrative staff;
  4. Support and sponsorship from private companies and other institutions.

Is I.O.N.A. linked to any religious or mystical organization?

No. The founding principles require respect for the different institutionalized forms of religion.

We are convinced that ignorance and fanaticism only generate violence and hatred "in the name of God", so we invite students to undertake a detailed comparative study that will help to generate links of understanding instead of walls of separateness. We believe in God and respect the different religious forms of our members, and this enables New Acropolis to exist and thrive in Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or any other countries.

Is New Acropolis left- or right-wing?

The study of historical cycles and the philosophical principles of the search for a just society form part of our educational program. As with religion, we believe that fanatical and narrow-minded positions only generate violence and separateness, whereas a deep study of history, and reflection on it, provide individuals with tools of tolerance and understanding towards their fellow citizens. Our societies need citizens who are willing to work together for the common good, beyond any political preference.

Is I.O.N.A. legally incorporated?

Yes. In all the countries in which we operate each of our centers is registered with the relevant authorities, and we comply strictly with the legislation of each country. We also promote respect for the law among our members and friends.

Furthermore, as an international non-profit association I.O.N.A. is registered at the International Registry of Associations, recognized by Royal Decree of 12 February 1990 No. 3/12-941/s of the Kingdom of Belgium.
NA Kiev's Arts and Crafts Studio participates in the "Kievan Rus 13th Century" International Festival with reproductions of ancient Slavic art.NA Kiev's Arts and Crafts Studio participates in the "Kievan Rus 13th Century" International Festival with reproductions of ancient Slavic art.

Is it possible to join in the activities of New Acropolis without being a member? How?

Anyone can take part in the different volunteering programs and cultural and social activities provided by the centers of I.O.N.A. around the world. This will enable you to see our activities and principles in action for yourself.

There are some critical comments in circulation that seek to discredit New Acropolis. What is the organization's position regarding these criticisms?

We understand that those who feel threatened by our open respect for diversity may not agree with us and at certain times may have attacked us. Although we respect criticism and can learn from it, as we are not perfect, we reject and denounce the slander which is sometimes used by unscrupulous people on the internet and in some media. Our response can only be the example of our work in support of education and freedom of thought in over fifty countries, and our open doors to all who wish to get to know us.


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