International Culture Programme

International Programme for the Promotion of Music

Its objectives are:

  • To promote music as a means of education and access to philosophy
  • To provide creative experiences for young people

Some of the projects carried out include:

  • Instrumental music competitions for primary and secondary school students
  • Choir competitions for children and young people
  • Support for the Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition
  • Programmes of musical activities, especially for young people: concerts, jam sessions, competitions
  • Participation in the International Music Day (October 1)

NA took part in the International Book Fair in Prague, Czech RepublicNA took part in the International Book Fair in Prague, Czech Republic


The universal nature of the IONA can be seen from the list of its publications in over 20 different languages: books, magazines and websites provide widespread access to the writings of outstanding thinkers of today and all times. The member organizations of different countries adapt their editorial choices to the interests of their local readership. One noteworthy project has been the translation of universal works into local languages, such as a compilation of the writings of the Stoic philosophers published by New Acropolis Croatia in Zagreb, or the translation into Chinese of the Hindu classic “Bhagavad Gita” by members of New Acropolis.

The presence of New Acropolis at many book fairs around the world demonstrates the importance we give to this educational task.

Yearbook 2022

New Acropolis Yearbook 2022

New Acropolis Filosofia Cultura Voluntariado

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