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In New Acropolis, we not only recognize the pressing need to recover and develop - from a holistic perspective - art, science, mysticism and politics. We also strive to restore the human capacity for self-transformation by encouraging people to develop their fullest potential.

This is why we have volunteers among our members who are working hard to build pathways in each of these disciplines by constantly carrying out a whole range of activities in their related fields.

  • Tristan Institute of Arts +

    Tristan Institute

    The Tristan International Institute of Arts promotes artistic activities in different countries around the world, always guided by a humanistic-philosophical approach.

    All its activities revolve around a common axis: the practice of the arts as an expression of beauty and as an achievement of balance. The aim is for this balance to be reflected in all aspects of the human being, helping the individual to attain a harmonization of the body and a development of the intellect, moral awareness and intuition.

    The Institute was founded in 1988 by the president of the I.O.N.A., Delia Steinberg Guzmán. Its current director is Sabine Leitner.

    The disciplines practiced at the Tristan International Institute of Arts are:

    • Music
    • Dance
    • Theater
    • Painting
    • Sculpture

    The Institute's activities come under four different headings:

    1. Art: understanding that an in-depth study of professional technique is the necessary basis for any art, not as an end in itself, but as a means for artistic expression.
    2. Education: as a way of formation through an integral education. In every human being there is a latent artist waiting to be awakened.
    3. Culture: through concerts, exhibitions, musical performances, recitals, etc.
    4. Philosophy: through comparative research, the essential values of every art, as perceived by ancient and modern philosophical schools, can be rediscovered.
  • Alexandria Program +

    Alexandria Program

    Inspired by the ideal of what was once the city of Alexandria, as a meeting point of cultures and systems of knowledge, the I.O.N.A. program that bears this name has been created to gather, digitalize and disseminate research papers, magazines and periodicals produced and published over the last 50 years in a dozen different languages in 200 centers of New Acropolis in over 50 countries around the world.

    These include the research papers presented at the annual international philosophy conferences that have been organized since 1978, covering topics that range from philosophy of science to the lesser known philosophers of the Renaissance and moral philosophy.

    New Acropolis intends to make a large part of this intellectual and humanistic effort accessible, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet. The first part of this project consists of the digitalization of this material, which is already at an advanced stage. In the second phase, a large number of these documents will be distributed via free publications on the internet, republications, audio documents in mp3 format, audiovisual documents and others.

  • Bodhidharma Institute of Philosophical Martial Arts +

    Instituto de Artes Marciales Filosóficas

    The Bodhidharma International Institute of Philosophical Martial Arts came into being in order to find ways in which Martial Arts and Philosophy can come together.

    Beyond the development of technical, tactical and strategic aspects, which are very important in the martial arts, it seeks to recover the spirit of the martial arts through a unifying philosophical consciousness. It promotes a deep knowledge of the martial cultural traditions, on the basis that physical movements are symbolic reflections of nature and of the psychological state of the practitioner.

    Through its programs of practical classes, it promotes the control of fear, anxiety and violence, as well as a system of training aimed at maintaining the health of the practitioner.

    It is a philosophical path for those who are looking for deeper horizons, a re-encounter with themselves through the essence of the martial arts.

    The following styles are promoted:

    • Nei kung
    • I ai do
    • Archery
    • Tae kwon do
    • Tai chi chuan
    • Karate do
    • Ai ki do

    Typical events are:

    • Tournaments.
    • Self- defence courses.
    • Lectures.
    • Seminars.
    • Demonstrations.
    • Research into the culture and philosophy of the martial arts.
    • National and international annual meetings.
  • Hermes Institute of Human Sciences +

    Hermes Institute

    Through the “Hermes” Institute of Human Sciences, the I.O.N.A. returns to the roots of the past in order to promote the humanism of the future, within the framework of what we can call a Renaissance culture.

    The main characteristics of the researches and studies promoted by this Institute are a profound interest in and commitment to the importance of the human factor and its implications for the relationship between human beings, nature and the spiritual dimension. What we propose is a new anthropological spirit and the application of innovative forms of research that can restore the mythical and symbolic dimension of the human being.

    Some of the highlights of the Institute's activities this year include an International Seminar on Sacred Geography and study trips to learn about the symbolism of different cultures.

    The multiplicity and versatility expressed by the figure of Hermes are an inspiration for the research teams currently working with this Institute in different countries.

  • Cultural Events (talks, lectures, etc.) +

    Cultural Events

    Customs, dress, religion, ritual and beliefs reflect the cultural values of a society. It is these values that human beings store up and transmit through time in order to recreate the spiritual wealth of nations.

    Culture gives man the ability to reflect on himself. It is what makes us specifically human. Through culture the human being expresses himself, becomes conscious of himself, searches tirelessly for new meanings and creates works that transcend him.

    This is why New Acropolis promotes the knowledge and experience of all cultural expressions. Our cultural activities are designed to broaden the vision of those who attend them and lead them to rediscover the best of each culture and of themselves.

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