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Join one of our international programs wherever you are in the world. Find your nearest nearest center and offer your help as a volunteer. You can also support us with your ideas, suggestions or donations by contacting us by e-mail. Your help is always welcome.
In La Pelícana Shelter (Chile), where children at social risk are protected, New Acropolis volunteers from Chile conducted a Recreational Day to share, laugh and philosophize with the children.In La Pelícana Shelter (Chile), where children at social risk are protected, New Acropolis volunteers from Chile conducted a Recreational Day to share, laugh and philosophize with the children.

International Programs In Practical Philosophy

  • International School of Philosophy. A way of learning about the major schools of thought and their practical applications today.
    New Acropolis promotes widely accessible courses in all the countries in which it has an institutional presence, reaching out to more than 3,500 people worldwide.
    This program also provides regional training courses for accredited teachers, thus guaranteeing a standard of quality in the teaching of our educational programs. This year the regional training courses were a great success and took place in four areas of the world: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and Central America.

  • Promotion of “World Philosophy Day”. IONA presents its idea of a philosophy accessible to all as an attitude to life, an art of living. This event, which is celebrated all over the world in November of each year, reaches an audience of more than two million people through the various media and public events.

International Cultural Programs

  • International Program for the Promotion of Culture. New Acropolis organizes courses, seminars and lectures examining different aspects of the culture of the country in which they are held.

  • International Program for the Promotion of Reading. New Acropolis supports and cultivates the love of reading in 378 public libraries around the world, which are run by its volunteers. We have a stock of more than 600,000 books and a valuable virtual library.

  • International Cultural and Philosophical Research Program. Every year, at the proposal of IONA’s Governing Board, teams of cultural and philosophical researchers write papers around a common theme. In 2010 the theme was the biographies of prominent philosophers and figures in the culture of different societies around the world. These research papers are then summarized and made available in an annual publication.

  • “Hermes” International Institute of Human Sciences. This institute carries out research projects into the transmission of philosophy through history and geography and analyzes the symbolic heritage of different cultures. It also organizes study tours and field trips.

  • “Tristan” International Institute of Musical and Dramatic Arts. Promotes all kinds of artistic activities and carries out research into their positive effects on the development and evolution of the human being.

  • “Bodhidharma” Institute of Philosophical Martial Arts. The disciplines of the martial arts provide valid means of overcoming the violence afflicting our societies.

  • Promotion of educational institutions. One example of this is the Giordano Bruno School (Colegio Giordano Bruno) in Peru.

  • Courses, workshops, lectures and conferences on a wide variety of subjects, reflecting the breadth of vision of New Acropolis and its effort to cater for the interests of all kinds of people.

  • Promotion of cross-cultural dialogue. We offer spaces where points of view can be exchanged about solutions to common problems in order to facilitate harmonious coexistence.

  • Programs for the promotion of the humanities in educational programs. We work with educational institutions, participating in their initiatives to encourage active and responsible citizenship.

  • Programs of ethical formation and values in education. These help to overcome confusion and strengthen the ability to face situations and challenges.

  • Programs of research into cultural roots and traditions. We help to keep alive the cultural legacy of each place, its popular traditions and identity.

  • Alexandria Program. The aim of this project is to facilitate access to the outstanding works of human thought through the use of new information technologies.

  • Artistic events: theatre, music, poetry, painting, arts and crafts, folk dancing, photography and others, in collaboration with the Tristan Institute.

  • Literary events, music competitions. Promoting the participation of young people in the arts and the awakening of values.

  • Cultural visits. Coming into direct contact with places connected with the memory of peoples and civilizations, learning to value the cultural heritage of humanity.

Ninth Annual Volunteerism Fair in Athens, organized by the Volunteer Organizations Movement, of which NA is a founding member.Ninth Annual Volunteerism Fair in Athens, organized by the Volunteer Organizations Movement, of which NA is a founding member.

International Programs in the Field of Volunteering

  • International Conference on Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering. This international event focuses on sharing good practice and experiences in the implementation of all our volunteering-based programs. Future volunteering actions are planned with the participation of representatives of the countries in which IONA is present.

  • “Values in Action” International Project. We think it is necessary to have a practical approach to the teaching of values, and for this reason we organize a wide variety of volunteering projects in the areas of social work, education and ecology, to encourage our volunteers to develop a sense of civic responsibility towards the environment in which they live.

Yearbook 2015

Yearbook 2015